HyperNext Talker

Helping you speak - making life easier!

Helping you speak - making life easier!

HyperNext Talker is a Text-to-Speech program specifically designed for people who have difficulty speaking. It has some predefined phrases covering everyday situations and can be easily customised so allowing new texts to be added.

HyperNext Talker can work with many of todays natural sounding artificial voices. It works on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X desktop laptop computers.

Scenario windows are the central part of HyperNext Talker and are where you actually use it to speak for you.

Each Scenario window generally relates to a conversation you expect to have and there are enough text fields and speech buttons for a simple conversation.

HyperNext Talker can be localised to work with languages other than English. Users can specify which voice to use and can change the display fonts.

HyperNext Talker does not actually come with any voices but most modern computers already have some high quality voices installed so users should be able to start using it straightaway.

This is the full version but without registration it enters trial mode. In trial mode users can use all the features except sharing scenarios plus their is a 10 minute reminder timer. Note, even in trial mode HyperNext talker never expires.

HyperNext Talker is aimed at helping users have real-time conversations. In contrast other text-to-speech programs are generally limited to helping the user speak simple phrases but are not easy to use in a conversational manner. HyperNext Talker achieves this using scenarios.

A scenario is a window with a related set of texts on it that speak when relevant buttons are pressed. For instance, if you are phoning the vet you could arrange a vet scenario beforehand and follow it like a script.

HyperNext Talker


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